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PT Remote Entry Level Social Media Manager

This is a part-time entry level remote position that is for someone ideally a college student (but not necessary) who is social media savvy but would like to get professional experience.  Please have proof in the form of a social media account to show that you are good at social media, mainly instagram and be 18 or older.  You can be international but I would need to verify your identity.   


I'm a freelance illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY, USA and need someone to manage my social media to get jobs and increase followers, mainly instagram (and also linkedin, facebook, tiktok, possibly).   


Check apps daily and like the relevant folks who show up on my feed, especially the people who could potentially get me work. Let me know if I have been mentioned anywhere of importance related to illustration.

Post something minimally 2x a week minimally, and stories 3-5x a week on the same days and times ideally with a description and relevant hashtags, emojis etc.


Send me a weekly engagement report and unless it is urgent like an important opportunity don't tell me stuff except 1x a week. If people like stuff, heart it or if they comment, send a response that makes sense.

Use something like Hootsuite.


Proactively ask me for content or even coming up with ideas would be great. If anyone DMs me, take a screenshot and text it to me. Also, be on top of whatever marketing opportunities like holidays, month/day themes and post content that is relevant to that. Bonus would be to help me strategize marketing opportunities.


I assume it would take 1-3 hours a week total to do the work but if you can do it less than that's great. To start, the budget is $30/week flat rate to start and I can venmo/paypal you every 2 weeks.

If your effort helps me get jobs, increase followers significantly (like reaching 5K real followers) then I can increase your income. If I get a job through social media that you managed, I will give you a bonus 5% of the total job offer (example 5% of $1,000) for the first job attained then 10% for the second job and for jobs after that, we can discuss further after I get that second job.

My personal information should be held in confidence and should not be shared with anyone.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below.   I don't check social media regularly but this will go to my email so this is the best way to reach me.  Thanks!

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